With 14 years in the business, Michael Hadnagy is a trusted name in the Calgary Real Estate community. Over 80% of his business comes from referrals – a true testament to the painless and enjoyable experience he provides to each and every client.

Most people don’t realize that real estate is their true calling at just 17 years old. But most people aren’t Michael Hadnagy. After deciding he might look too young to be taken seriously as a Realtor, he started off in Business Marketing at SAIT. This lead to four years of specialized furniture exports in Beijing, China, which often saw him working with Alberta realtors searching for unique staging pieces.

After moving back to Calgary, he began a mortgage brokering partnership for a number of properties. Although this was close to real estate, it still wasn’t close enough. Mike finally took the plunge and became a full-fledged Realtor in 2008: the lowest point of the housing market crash. With the odds stacked against him, he made his first sale in January 2009 and started the path to success he’s been on ever since.

Since the beginning, Mike has always been interested in helping people take the fear and mystery out of the buying process. Trying to find the right home can be frustrating, intimidating and confusing. But with a dedicated Realtor like Mike as your guide, it doesn’t have to be. Now with 14 years in the business, Mike Hadnagy is known as a trusted name in the Calgary market.

That reputation that you can trust to help you find the right home in any market condition. Mike makes people think about selling when buying, making sure you buy always in a great location. Calgary’s market has been up & down for so many years so it’s important to buy in a great spot. Life throws so much at you so when you do have to go sell at any part in your life know that when you do with Michael you will be taking your money with you and not just reducing the price of your home to move on.

Outside of work Mike enjoys going to the mountains with his dogs, having people over for smoked ribs with scratch made bbq sauce and endless laughs with friends. 

“…it is no wonder why Mike is one of the most sought-after agents in Calgary…”